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as well as the box and all packing material, the broken laser head partially disassembled so the damage could be easily seen, and a mockup of the power supply to show how everything was arranged. At least, your mouse can often to the walking. Also shop akira promo codes see the section: Equivalent Brightness Ratings and Laser Pointer Visibility since this is another area where the real and the imaginary are often jumbled together! Translation: The laser tube is smashed but the power supply lights come. The likelihood of the problem for an "unknown condition" green or yellow HeNe laser being just mirror alignment is small to none! (From: Laserlover.) I use msas Cargo International and add "All Perils" Insurance coverage to cover my butt and packing has to be up to their standards. I then knocked the box off of the counter it sat on, stood on it, and hopped up and down a few times. But, everything is very well packed and no credible amount of abuse is likely to cause damage.

I would recommend against even considering the purchase of high power diode lasers or laser diodes from eBay or other similar source unless they are supplied in their original sealed packaging, there is a no questions asked money back warranty that is enforceable, or you. Avoid pop-ups like the plague. Whether buying from a surplus outfit or a private individual, don't expect to get a new laser for bargain basement prices. The laser community is small enough that it's usually obvious when there is plagerism. These are small lasers so it's not that difficult. Guaranteed not to be dead on arrival. So, if the box is filled with packing peanuts or foam and the laws of physics still apply inside the box, it would take a really phenomenal shock to break the tube.

But if you will be selling a couple dozen, the cost of a laser head for testing will easily be made up on the first or second sale and the laser head can always be sold afterwards. My guess is that either (1) they were smoke'n sump'n or (2) the particular diode they were using was actually around 808 nm but that's no guarantee that the one in the auction will be as well. Green dpss lasers like the Coherent Compass 532 series show up with reduced output requiring either an expensive (and possibly very complex or impossible) pump diode transplant to meet specs, or a total electrical realignment to operate stably at reduced power. Also see the section: Buyer Beware for Laser Purchases. They don't want that thing sitting in a corner, or in their warehouse. I then abused this package to every way possible short of using a nuclear bomb (which were temporarily out of stock Tossing it across the room, dropping on various sides and corners with and without spin from 7 feet onto a concrete floor, kicking. Some don't even consider the manufacturer's original packaging to be adequate even for computer monitors, let alone lasers. Translation: I plugged it in and nothing happened but it looks nice. (For testing of an laser you have, see the chapter(s) for that specific laser type.). Inaccuracies in catalog entries are very common (like a HeNe laser listed as 5 mW that turns out to be only.5 mW, oops). Make some effort to compose the photos so they show your item(s) in the best light and with decent clarity to show knob and meter scales, labels, etc. If packed well go to Step.